Thursday, February 08, 2007

snow rabbit

the snow didn't exactly hang about for long, but I was out in it like a shot and here are some shots to prove it!

[Photographs: David Weeks]


Brian Sibley said...

GILL e-mails to say:

"Where are Buttons' gloves and scarf? And wellies? He must have been a very wet, cold rabbit.

I shall knit him a scarf immediately!


President of the Keep A Rabbit Dry Society"

BUTTONS replies:

thank you for your concern, gill, i think i need to join your society as brian and david can be a bit thoughtless at times...

meanwhile, i shall look forward to my scarf; will it be in the society colours and have a badge on it like harry potter's?

Brian Sibley said...

GILL writes:

"Please tell Buttons it will certainly be in the Society's colours and will, of course, have a badge!"

Thank you, Gill. Buttons is, needless to say, a Very Happy Bunny!

Andrew Glazebrook said...

He's obviously a rabbit of action !!

Silly Billy said...

I only wish I had Button's life of adventure!

Anne said...

Brian - that's one amusing bunny you have there, mister. Do you plan to write scathing tell-all memoirs after the bunny becomes legendary? Haha! :D

Brian Sibley said...

Buttons says...

excuse me, anne, i am already legendary!