Sunday, July 08, 2007

bear faced outrage

rabbits are rabbits and bears are bears, but there are some issues that - despite our differences in taste, outlook (and, of course, intellect) that will always unite us against a common enemy.

the monstrous practices described by brian on his blog insides out are so appalling that i immediately had to show my solidarity with bodge, fraser and the others in protesting at these ghastly goings-on and demanding that artist kent rogowski be similarly turned inside-out, restuffed and exhibited as a warning to others...

photo © brian sibley


LisaH said...

Well said Buttons - I think's it's time the other RSPB was formed.
Fraser's twin Brian, here in Glasgow, was traumatised by the pictures and is still hiding under the bed.

Say no to bear-bashers!

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Those inside out bears made me wanna hurl. If I'd shown my bear Henderson those he'd have had an embolism of some sort.