Wednesday, February 27, 2008


when we went to the globe theatre the other week, i didn't mind posing with these two characters (even though they looked nothing like ralph fiennes and cate blanchett) because - goodness knows - i am not a snob...

...but i did not take kindly to having to cosy up with a lot of -- well, i have to say it... vermin!

brian said they were only puppets and, to prove it, he stuck his hand......... but, no, you really don't need to hear it!

just hope i didn't catch anything nasty...

photo © brian sibley

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LisaH said...

I didn't have you down as a rodentophobic - shame on you Buttons! Admittedly the ones you were sitting amidst were far from cute - unlike the little black ones to be found running along the tracks in Underground stations.
Fraser's twin, Brian Bear, will need to bring his friend, Kylie the chinchilla down to London to visit and re-educate you.