Sunday, April 27, 2008

easter greekings

happy easter

this time it's easter wishes to all my greek friends and friends in greece - like sue and andy who sent me this lovely card with a bunny who looks not unlike me before i went on the diet!

talking of diets, i'd like to hope that brian will remember to give me an easter egg (it doesn't have to be greek) but i bet he won't. in fact, i'll think myself lucky if i get so much as an extra carrot!

photo © brian sibley


Eudora said...

Christos anesti, yes Buttons, truly, He is risen.

Happy easter, because in catholic-land we are celebreting the second part of the easter until pentecost.

LisaH said...

The bunny in the card has very red cheeks. I wonder what he's been up to (what is it they say is the favourite pasttime of rabbits - apart from eating carrots - again?)