Sunday, February 14, 2010



my first ever valentine's card!
does this mean that i am possibly on the brink of a new life i wonder...

mind you -- odd to put hippos on a valentine's card to a rabbit, don't you think?


SharonM said...

Does that mean it might have come from Hippolita Hippo?

As long as it wasn't from another member of the Buttons Clan.

I'm am rather disappointed though - I was rather expecting one from you, Buttons.

Buttons Hippo said...

Well, Hippolyta has waited for over a week now - knowing what postal services are like in these parts - and I have to tell you that she is heartbroken not to have received a Valentine's card from you. SharonM, you are not the only one to be disappointed.

(Mind you, as Flanders & Swan put it "Consider your offspring, if offspring there be ..."

Habbits? Rabbipotami? Hippobbits?)