Tuesday, May 17, 2011

mad man

the other day david was asked to perform magic at a birthday party as the mad hatter (yes, i know, no comment!) and i kindly offered to play the white rabbit, a suggestion that got unreasonably turned down on account of my not being white!

david did, however, try to get me to impersonate the dormouse, but whilst i didn't mind sitting in a tea-cup (on the basis that one should have a go at most things, however wacky), i absolutely drew the line at getting into the tea-pot...

Buttons & Mad Hatter David (1)


Buttons Hippo said...

My friend Mellors Hippo says that if you'd like to be a white rabbit, he would recommend being put through two cycles in a washing machine ... it didn't make him pure white, but it certainly freshened him up and may do the trick for you (and David!)

SharonM said...

But what about your new relation, Buttons Bunny, who fits the 'white rabbit' description perfectly?