Monday, December 19, 2011

let it snow, man!

a hoppy christmas
to all my readers!


SharonM said...

Ahhh - what a lovely photo!

And a very Hoppy Christmas to you, too, Buttons.

Hopp that you are focusing on packing up your own belongings now so that you can enjoy a break at Christmas. xxx

buttons said...

in case you wondered, sharon, that's not real snow in the background –– but, of course, it is a real snowman!

SharonM said...

Well, of course!

Buttons Hippo said...

Happy Christmas, Coz!

I asked Hippolyta and Mellors if they would like to join me in sending Christmas greetings. Mellors says Have a Good One, but Hippolyta says she has better things to do at this time of year. She is still in a strop as you didn't join us for the expected pre-Christmas visit. No worries - once she gets stuck in to the liqueur choc everyone is her best friend and all will be forgiven.

Sacra said...

And a Hoppy Christmas to you Buttons !!