Thursday, January 09, 2014

late christmas

on sunday we had a late christmas celebration with roger, sheila and, of course, hippolyta, who I was disturbed to discover had (like many a diva before her) found her self an admirer in the military.

however, there didn't seem much going on under the busby, so i don't think it's going tot be a relationship of lasting significance.

we had a jolly time and buttons hippo's stories were unexpectedly (and pleasantly) brief...

the ethnic-looking bowl is, i think he said, a native artifact from the upper limpopo.

after a glass or two of prosecco, i'm afraid h and i got a bit rowdy and i chased her up the christmas tree where, obviously, she outshone the star!

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SharonM said...

I guess she was just trying to make you a little jealous, Buttons. I'm sure she must have been missing you terribly when you were stuffing your face... erm, I mean, helping B & D to eat a little less whilst you were all in Venice.
Did you both enjoy your stint on the Christmas tree?