Friday, September 29, 2006

beach bunny

in case you wondered, i'm not going to blog every blogging day like brian, because for one thing typing make's my paws hurt and for another i've got better things to do - as what rabbit hasn't ?!

anyway, time for the next stop on my world tour and here i am on legendary bondi beach in sydney, australia...

the flag means that it's not safe to surf which is of course why i didn't venture in and hang ten in the pope's living room...

i can also reveal that the total absence of any bronzed and oiled aussies flexing their muscles and rushing into the sea to ride the next big one is due entirely to the fact that this was actually the middle of winter and beautiful bondi had just enjoyed a nice bracing hail storm!

quite why i hang around with the only person in the world who would even THINK of taking me on a day trip to bondi when the weather is only suited to building snowmen, I really don't know!

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