Wednesday, September 20, 2006

a rabbit in the ruins

first stop on my globe-hopping tour: athens and one or two recent pictures of me at the acropolis...

this is me in front of the font side of the parthenon and shows how just big it is or how small i am or both!

in case you wondered, this is what the backside of a parthenon looks like...

i have to say, you'd have thought they'd have got it finished by now, wouldn't you?

mind you it's not really surprising when you think that the greeks idea of a salad has cheese and no carrot!

[photos by david weeks]

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Scrooge said...

I am a fan of Buttons and it's great to see him get his own site after all this time - a historic site by the look of it ! I'm looking forward to meeting him in the fur and shaking his paw.