Wednesday, July 29, 2009

on plinthable

when i heard that the artist antony gormley was asking people to take part in an event entitled one & other and stand on a plinth in trafalgar square as living statues for an hour every hour of the day and night for 100 days, i told brian to put me up for it.

of course, being a b.o.f. (work it out!), he said rabbits couldn't apply.

then, yesterday, what do i see on that plinth but a rabbit!!!

and not just a rabbit on a plinth but a rabbit on a plinth on a plinth!

as it turned out, it didn't do very much and i don't know how he managed to breath under that dome thing for almost an hour, but he was definitely up there!

you can see the film of the whole thing - if you have an hour of life to waste - but i doubt if you'll be much wiser at the end!

naturally, i confronted brian about the whole thing and guess what he said? he said the rabbit was stuffed!

as if!


Buttons Hippo said...

Oh, Buttons Rabbit - what a travesty: I hope Brian is going to write in and complain on your behalf. If you do get a slot, I'd be happy to join you up there for old times sake.

But seeing you by Brian's birthday cake, I did wonder about stuffed rabbits - I hope you remembered to share ...

Brian Sibley said...

buttons replies...

hi, coz, good to hear from you!

yes, travesty just about sums it up! of course it was nothing to do with that nice mr gormley, more to do with mr gormless, if you get my meaning.

i'd could be fun having our hour on a plinth and a rabbit and a hippo would be a first, although for all i know there might be a herd (heap?) of hippos up there right now.

as for the chocolate cake, all I got was a sniff: the old boy may be sixty but, blimey, can he still put it away!

SharonM said...

Buttons - do you really want to stuck up on top of a plinth? It might be very windy or wet - or a pigeon could poop on your head, or a bird of prey could swoop down and carry you off to be gobbled up.

And who would put you up there in the first place? Brian has no head for heights, isn't very mobile at the moment and couldn't risk damaging his very vulnerable groin (see an earlier blog from him).

I suppose David could have the 'honour' of placing you on the plinth, but hopefully he's too sensible to do so and also knows that Brian would be extremely worried if he tried.

And as for letting Buttons Hippo share the plinth with you - would You trust him to behave and not get you both arrested?

Buttons Hippo said...

Maybe I'm being over-sensitive, SharonM, but I do feel you're a little unfair to suggest that if there was trouble when Buttons R and I were on the plinth it would be my fault.

Anyway, after watching the film Man on Wire on Sunday (some of it from behind the sofa), I think I will have to stay on the ground with Brian after all - I don't seem to have a head for heights. Which, for a hippo, is maybe not surprising. (Though my new friend Hippolyta is now trying to work out how to incorporate a high-wire walk into her cabaret act - but that's another story ...).