Sunday, December 27, 2009

bear-faced nerve

have you ever had visitors descend on you out of the blue and stay and stay and stay and stay...?

these two turned up just before christmas. they said their names were 'buttons' but i wasn't having that, so i've called them 'kris' and 'kringle' - and it looks like they're here for the duration. they maintain that they are more long-lost cousins of mine, but i'm not that gullible: i may have a hippo for a cousin, but i know i'm not related to any bears even though some of my best friends are.

xmas visitors
apart from which, they are quite disruptive - it's one long christmas party with these two 24/7. when i get back home i'm going to have to get bodge and the other bears to try and take them in hand -- or paw!


SharonM said...

Ahhh - they're cute.. but of course, not nearly as cute as you, Buttons.
Do they speak English or are they Italian?

Buttons Hippo said...

SharonM, of course they're cute! It's a recognisable feature of the Buttons clan - more advanced in some of us than others, if you take my meaning.

Brian Sibley said...

buttons replies...

you never said a truer word, coz!