Sunday, December 20, 2009

hippo christmas

had the following greeting from the president of my fan club, hippolyta (looking ravishing on the right below) who is a house-mate of brian and david's friends, roger, sheila and my coz, buttons hippo...

Hi Buttons,

Well, here we are again: it's Christmas time and you're probably about to go jet-setting off to some exotic holiday location while I'm stuck here.

I wanted to let you know that R & S are sending a parcel to B & D, so your cousin and I have taken the opportunity to put a little something in it just for you! I would have sent you some champagne (my favourite tipple) but Buttons Hippo said it would be wasted on you, so we drank it ourselves. I must say, your cousin does go on a bit, doesn't he? After a glass or two of bubbly, there's no stopping him. I've heard more about life up the Limpopo than anyone would ever need to know.

Well, I'm sure I hope you have a lovely holiday and we'll all look forward to seeing your photos some time in 2010 (actually I just put that bit in to be polite).

And maybe, just maybe, I'll actually get to meet you in 2010 - that would be a wish come true ...

With love from your no. 1 fan,



thanks, hippolyta, have a great christmas and do your best to keep buttons hippo off the sauce or the stories about the limpopo will get longer than the river itself and you'll want to go there - and drown yourself!

and here's a picture of hippolyta's garden in the recent snow with, i assume, one of her entourage taking a constitutional.

hippolyta's personal assistant, roger, wrote:

"Hippolyta won't go out in case she gets her Jimmy Choos dirty (unless a chauffeur carries her to the stretch limo to all the balls and parties) and Buttons Hippo is sulking because we won't let him make a snow hippo until he gets some wellies."

i never cease to be surprised by the differences between rural and city life!


Buttons Hippo said...

Well, gee thanks, coz, for the comments. Before you say too much about my drinking habits, I think I should point out that I have seen photos of you over-indulging on holiday. I notice you haven't put them on your blog.

In spite of your rather unkind remarks, I wish you and Brian and David a very happy Christmas.

Brian Sibley said...

buttons replies...

true, we have all had our slight slips and, in the spirit of the season, i'll choose to overlook mine... I mean yours! happy christmas, coz!! :-)