Wednesday, October 05, 2011


i thought my stories of life on a greek island were pretty riveting, but zebedee could (as you can see) scarcely keep his eyes open! cats!

Buttons & Zeb


Hippolyta said...

Strange, but listening to Buttons Hippo talking about his "adventures" up the Limpopo has the same effect on me.

Could it be that telling long and boring stories is a Buttons Family trait ... ?

SharonM said...

Perhaps Zebedee was thinking, 'I wonder if I can manage a furry snack before the next mealtime.'

Lovely photo - you are braver than I am, Buttons.

Brian Sibley said...

hippolyta – far be it from me to comment on buttons hippo's stories which are (if you know what I mean) unique*.

sorry not to be seeing you for a while (due to confidential future travel plans) but will be sending you 'a little something' from my greek jaunt via your people.

*as in 'uniquely boring!

sharon – zebedee is very cultured and utterly civilised: he never eats friends.

Hippolyta said...

Oh, no! You're not going away again?

Maybe this time you'd like a sophisticated, fascinating and exciting travelling companion?

(Apart from Brian, obviously)

Hippolyta said...

Actually, now I come to think about it, it's not just the Buttons Family who send people to sleep.

I've recently seen Greek holiday photos which show that another member of our household has a similar effect on Brian ...