Friday, August 31, 2012

well-met by moonlight

at last and against at all expectations...

hippolyta had arrived! 

but––– chaperoned by my loquacious cousin, buttons hippo!!

i'm not sure, greece has turned out to be quite what h expected; the rustic retsina clearly wasn't in the same league as the buck's fizz she was, apparently, expecting as an evening aperitif, but she managed to hide any disappointment with her usual charm and grace.

Later, while buttons hippo bored the assembled company at artistico taverna with a minute-by-minute account of their travels (with added anedotes about his early life on the banks of the limpopo), h and I slipped away for a téte á téte and a chance to share the beauty of the almost-full moon rising above the mountains of kalymnos...

i invited h to stay on for a sleep-over, but she is still rather fatigued by the journey, so retired to her beach house (which she is rather grudgingly sharing with roger and sheila) leaving buttons hippo to stay instead and expand on the qualitative differences of life by the aforementioned limpopo in comparison with reported accounts of attractions enjoyed by hippos visiting the shalimar. it's almost four in the morning and he's still talking!

never mind, two weeks with h is a wonderful (if challenging) prospect!


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SharonM said...

Perhaps you can get the other members of the party to serenade you - how romantic would that be?

Glad that your Titania has arrived.