Sunday, September 02, 2012

fun and games

we have been having an action-packed couple of days... while hippolyta acclimatised herself to life on a greek island (an unavoidably exhausting process for a diva of distinction), my cousin, buttons hippo, and i had fun on the beach with a belated birthday present to brian from sheila and roger of (what else would you give a disney-nut on holiday?) a blow-up bambi!

then, when evening came around, another romantic sunset tryst with h...

...before she accepted my invitation for a sleep-over!

of course with buttons hippo playing gooseberry and recounting his oft-told yarns of the daily life up the limpopo, sleep (and anything else) was somewhat low on the agenda...

1 comment:

SharonM said...

How romantic - if only you can shake off your chaperone and have a little quiet time to yourselves.

Have you thought of setting Buttons Hippo adrift on the Bambi craft?