Monday, September 09, 2013

beware of yanks bearing contracts

my worst fears have been realised! the yank has turned out to be an even worse cad than i anticipated: overnight, he up-anchored and vanished!

not only has he abandoned hippolyta who is devastated and is sitting in her room with mascara streaming down her cheeks sobbing, "i'm ready for my close-up mr de mouse...", but he has also filched the script of a disaster movie that roger was hoping to sell to brian's friend peter jackson; set in greece, it was entitled goats on a boat and will undoubtedly be at a cinema near you sometime in 2014.

buttons hippo and i toyed with buying a boat to go in pursuit of the mouse, but it turned out we didn't have enough euros even if brian went without ice creams for the remainder of the holiday...

all chance may have now gone of a hacienda in the grounds of hippolyta's beverley hills mansion, but we haven't yet given up hope of getting our revenge on that black-eared villain...

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