Sunday, September 08, 2013


we are staying at a truly international venue where big yachts from all over the world come into the harbour on a daily basis.

today a boat sporting the american flag arrived owned by a vip who can truly be described as a big cheese.

since arriving he has done nothing but talk about his studio in hollywood, the films he has made and the oscars he has won...

buttons hippo did his best to sell a treatment for his memoir, carry on up the limpopo, and i actually thought he was going to strike a deal, but as soon as the visitor saw hippolyta (she was relaxing under a parasol by the pool with her first tequila sunrise of the afternoon) he lost interest in b h's proposal and started talking about how he was going to make hippolyta into the new marilyn monroe.

"more like the new margaret rutherford," said buttons hippo cruelly (i thought), retreating to his room with a  bottle of bourbon. but now h is totally smitten with the yank (with his ludicrous red shorts and yellow boots) and is on the point of signing a three picture deal which will whisk her off to the other side of the world to fame and fortune and out of my life for ever...

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SharonM said...

Typical Yank - giving her the old, 'I'm a filmmaker and I'm going to make you a star' line.

I do hope that you managed to protect her honour, Buttons, and prevent her from making a big moustake.