Saturday, June 06, 2015


brother bruno, hippolyta's 'spiritual adviser' (he says), decided to organise a pilgrimage to the site of  Emporios' early christian baths.
hippolyta decided against going telling bro bruno that she needed to say her rosary (but i know she was planning on having a facial to regerate after what she calls 'the solar ravages'. foolishly, however, i signed up to go...

i didn't follow everything bruno was wittering on about: quite a lot of it was in greek (at least he claimed it was) and buttons hippo (who insisted on coming, too) kept interrupting to tell us that he was descended (on his father's side) from st augustine of hippo... Anyway, eventually we got there and, frankly, it was boring beyond belief!

i mean, i've seen a few baths during my world travels and i know this about them: they have taps (usually two) and a plug and plug-hole. here there wasn't so much a sign of any such accessories, let alone a soap-dish, loofah or a rubber duckie. and, then, to make matters worse, the bar was shut! 

as i told her when i got back and found her relaxing in the sauna, hippolyta certainly lucked out big time!!

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