Wednesday, June 10, 2015


it's been an exhausting and frustrating few days: i've scarcely managed to to get more than  a few minutes of one-to-one time with hippolyta due to the interventions of brother bruno who is adamant that it is his sacred duty to serve as her chaperone and that it would be quite improper for her to be alone with me in other circumstances. he also insists that she spends those few available moments of the day (after her various beautician appointments) on reading his discourses on the influence of orthodoxy on the shaping of modern christendom and her daily spiritual exercises. I tried to point out that (with all due respect to my dear one) the words 'hippolyta' and 'exercise' are essentially incompatible.

with hippolyta beyond reach, brother bruno has been taking buttons hippo and i on a physically tiring (and mentally numbing) tour of the churches, basilicas and monasteries of kalymnos including extemporised homilies on brotherly love. laudable though such sentiments may be, they do NOT extend, believe me, to brother buno.

however, as this snap by buttons hippo shows, our most recent expedition ended rather unexpectedly...

...i don't remember much about it personally, but i think the photo may prove useful in my negotiations to spend a little quality time with hippolyta.

'blackmail' is, I know, an ugly word, but it does have certain potential virtues...

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Neil Cillins said...

I'm amazed at how accurately your photographer managed to portray the graveyard scene from the film 'Easyriders'. Bravo! Superbe. Well done.:)