Friday, March 16, 2007

bunny ha ha

here's my mate bodge and me doing our bit for red nose day - or, in my case, red ears day...

and here's what I call a jolly good joke...
buttons went into a general store in the countryside: "do you have any carrots?" 
he asked and the man behind the counter said: "no, sorry, we don't have any."

so buttons went away, but the next morning he came back and once again asked: "do you have any carrots?" and, again, the shopkeeper told him: "no, sorry, we don't have any." 

buttons kept doing this for a whole week and eventually the shopkeeper began to get really fed up with having a rabbit coming in every morning and asking for carrots, so he said to buttons: "now look here, we don't sell any carrots here and if you ask for carrots just one more time, I'm going to nail you to the wall by your ears!"

buttons stood still for a while and then went away. 

the next morning buttons came into the shop again, and this time he asked: "do you have any nails?" 

the man behind the counter was a bit confused by this, but replied: "no, I just run out of nails, sorry little fella." 

"well then," said buttons with a laugh, "do you have any carrots?"

[Photo: David Weeks]


Anne said...

Haha! You are just too cute. :)

Silly Billy said...

I love it. Looking good Buttons!

Cafrine said...

Teehee! "Do you have any nails?"! That's hysterical, Buttons.