Thursday, March 22, 2007

winter warmer

i'm fed up with all this cold! i wouldn't mind so much if it snowed and was done with it - then i could go out and build a snow-rabbit or something, but all we get is a flurry of flakes and then a load of drizzle! it's rubbish, frankly, so i thought i'd post a couple more photos from my visit to greece last year.

this is the erectheum on the acropolis in athens and the bit with the stone women is called the porch of maidens. good job they're made of stone, if you ask me, otherwise holding up all that stuff with their heads would be pretty painful!

and this is me sitting on an obelisk-type thingy - unfortunately it's lost its head, but still has its thingy --- or nearly all of it!!

[Photos: David Weeks]


fwiend of wabbitts said...

wot an extri-ordinery fing it is 2 !

nikki said...

nice to see some sun! but it's coming back soon to our part of the world!