Thursday, December 20, 2007

a bunny christmas

buttons wishes all his readers
a merry christmas
and a happy new year

photo © brian sibley

Friday, December 14, 2007

tiny & me

i've been to the theatre more times in the past two weeks than in my whole life - the only trouble is i keep seeing the same play - a christmas carol! still it's not bad and i've become quite good friends with one of the cast called tiny tim. he doesn't say much - apart from "god bless us everyone", but he's a nice enough fella if a bit undernourished.

brian actually offered me a small role myself - as an alternative to the usual cratchit family dinner of goose... needless to say, i didn't bother to laugh!

photo © brian sibley

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

it's a wrap!

this is me on a bright, but very cold, morning warmly wrapped up against the elements in my lovely new scarf which gill has kindly knitted me.

very cosy, gill, thank you!

photo © brian sibley

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

the hot wax show

when we were in amsterdam recently, we paid a visit to madame tussauds where a lot of very famous people (including quite a few who i thought were already dead) seemed to spend all day just standing about very still, waiting for people to be photographed with them.


as, up until that point, i hadn't got out much on the trip, i decided that this was a golden opportunity for me to do one of my famous photo-shoots and get a few pictures for the blog.

so, i did and here they are!

i started out by holding a press conference with george dubya...

then i sneaked my way into a famous painting...

...and sat for (with or on) a couple of famous painters: pablo picasso...

...and the incomparable dali.

frankly i was glad he kept an eye on that vicious looking cock!

i also made a guest appearance with operatic legend, luciano pavarotti... can't see it, of course, but we're actually singing 'nessun dorma'!

and, talking of legends, here i am with the original slim-line elvis...

then i got to pose with two screen icons of yesteryear: the little tramp...

(charlie's wearing way too much eye make-up, if you ask me!); and the lady with the seven year itch...

(i wasn't exactly itchy, but i did go a bit pink round the ears while this shot was being taken!)

there were also several stars of today (or, at least, a bit more recent) like ex-007, piers...

...and universal heart-throb, george...

just round the corner was that other georgie boy...

and tons of famous singing stars: like Tina...

the spice girls...

and that dynamic little 'material girl'...

i got as close as anyone can to a sex-goddess (and a dame of the british empire) when i snuggled down with divine Edna Everage.

for some reason she seemed to think i was a possum and i noticed she had temporarily abandoned her trademark 'gladies' for a dutch tulip!

towards th end of my visit, i was spiritually uplifted by an encounter with pope john paul ii...

...and rescued from a scarily high place by that obliging spiderman...

obviously, i was hoping that if i hung about long enough madame tussauds would make a waxwork of me - after all, as i'm sure you'll agree, i'm certainly famous enough to be immortalised with the great and some of those good-for-nothings that i saw hanging about the place!

eventually, madame t turned up and we had a chat about things; after taking a look at my blog, she agreed to think it over, so i'm confidently expecting someone to come and measure my ears any day now!

photos: © david weeks & brian sibley, 2007

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

trick or treat

why was the skeleton sitting all alone in the ballroom...?

because he had no body to dance with!!! hee-hee!

photo © brian sibley

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

jeepers creepers

it's almost halloween... i wonder if that's why i feel as if i'm being watched?

photo © david weeks

Saturday, October 13, 2007

being tarty

one or two slightly embarrassing photos of me have been sneaking out such as this one (taken by sophie) of me at the 'do' after b & d's civil partnership-thingy...

it's true i did slightly over-indulge on the treacle tart front, but when you normally get by on a diet of carrots that are invariably past their sell-by date, the temptation to have a bit of a fling now and again is hard to resist...

Saturday, October 06, 2007

autumnal love

of course, life will not all be a bed of roses for brian and david, and, goodness knows, neither of them is in the first flush of spring; but, frankly, i think things got off to a bit of dodgy start with a bunch of flowers where the greenery mostly consisted of a lot of old brown and yellow leaves - and even the green ones were decidedly on the turn!

i kept looking for the conkers!

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

what i did on my hols - part 2

in athens, i saw the sites...

...asked, "what's a greek urn?" -- and found out...

...cooled off in a fountain...

...harvested a few olives...

...and went to a museum where i met some ancient greeks who really didn't say much...

...then i went to the zoo...

...where i met a couple of furry friends - but they just rabbited on in greek, so i couldn't understand a word they said!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

what i did on my hols - part 1

sorry it has taken me so long to tell you something about my hols, but you know what it's like when you get back home after you've been away - there's always so much to sort out.

anyway, i'm glad to report that i had a very jolly time - as you will see from my snaps. and, to kick off, here i am actually doing some snapping!

on arriving at kalymnos airport, i posed with a statue of a traditional kalymnian sponge-fisher...

...but, apart from that, i really didn't do much at all - except enjoy the view from my window... a book or two...

i did do a little bit of exploring: for example, this is me on kos underneath what's left of the tree (those chunks of wooden stuff in the background) where hypocrates taught people to be hypocratic...

...and here I am on a visit to the early christian baths.

...however, as i didn't get there till 11.30 in the morning, i unfortunately wasn't early enough to see any bathing christians!


in part 2 -- coming soon -- i'll tell you all about what it did in athens!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


brian says we're off to visit some more ruins - frankly, i've been living with a ruin for so long, i'm not sure i'll notice...

Sunday, August 12, 2007

sunny bunny

off to greece, at last, and let me tell you, i can't wait to feel that sun on my fur.

a bit of factor 5 on my eartips and i'll be in heaven...

i tell bodge, fraser and the others what a chore and a bore it all is because they get so wound up about the fact that i'm the only one whoever gets to go on holidays...

really, of course, It's just a perk of being small - although I dont tell them that either!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

ark at me!

brian has been writing about arks, so I thought I'd show you a photo me (taken in amsterdam zoo) pretending to be mr noah on a not very convincing ark.

brian said it didn't hav eto look convincing because it was art, and i said, no it's an ark... i don't think he got the joke...

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

buttons in hamster jam

haven't blogged for a bit - not because i've had my paws full, but because brian is always blogging and i never get a chance to go on the computer...

as you probably read we went to amsterdam - or as my friend soph calls it, hamster jam - and I did all the tourist sites like the national memorial in dam square --- which, i think, is rather a rude name!

i was going to have a go on a bicycle - but couldn't quite reach the handlebars --- let alone the pedals!

then, one day, we went to the zoo which, as you probably know, is a place where they keep a lot of animals who've never had a proper education and certainly aren't smart enough to have their own web page and blog!

anyway, as usual, brian and david wanted me to pose for photographs with some of the locals, but as most of them seemed to have rather a lot of teeth or claws or were likely to step on something as small as a rabbit without really noticing, i decided i'd stick with animals that couldn't do me any real harm...

Sunday, July 08, 2007

bear faced outrage

rabbits are rabbits and bears are bears, but there are some issues that - despite our differences in taste, outlook (and, of course, intellect) that will always unite us against a common enemy.

the monstrous practices described by brian on his blog insides out are so appalling that i immediately had to show my solidarity with bodge, fraser and the others in protesting at these ghastly goings-on and demanding that artist kent rogowski be similarly turned inside-out, restuffed and exhibited as a warning to others...

photo © brian sibley