Monday, August 31, 2009

in at the deep end

i was telling you the other day about our trip to the venice biennale arty-thing... well, i got bored halfway round the russian pavilion and went outside for a breath of air and noticed something absolutely terrible going on outside the nordic pavilion...

not a policeman in sight! just a load of people, taking photographs and discussing the meaningfulness of its post-modernist expressionism or something.

naturally, I hopped over to see if i could lend a paw, but it turned out to be art...

still, say what you like, it's pretty damn clever: he was in there for ages and there's certainly an art to holding your breath that long.

i asked brian whether, if he took a picture of david in the bath, that would be art and he said (rather enigmatically, i thought), "it depends..."

image: david weeks © 2009

Thursday, August 20, 2009

sunny bunny

here i am in greece and, yes, it's time to chill out on the beach once more!

so, if you'll excuse me, i'll be getting on with it...

buttons on the beach

image: brian sibley © 2009

Monday, August 17, 2009


i'm no art expert - naturally, i know what i like, but paintings of lettuces are, i've discovered, pretty far and few between - anyway we went to a thing called the venice biennale when we were in venice (obviously) and brian and david hauled me around a load of house-type places that didn't have anything in them but art or what (if you'll pardon my cynicism) passed for art...

At lunchtime we popped into the cafe for a spot of lunch and discovered more spots than i'd thought possible in one room.

it quite put me off my carrot cake...

buttons goes dotty

image: brian sibley © 2009