Saturday, August 15, 2015

back on stage

here i am last night at the cecil hepworth playhouse in walton on thames, helping brian prepare for a talk he was giving about lewis carroll...

it turns we were in the old movie studio of this guy, cecil hepworth, who was a pioneering british filmmaker who made the first film version of 'alice in wonderland' back in 1903. just think, if i'd only been around 112 years ago, i could have auditioned for the part of the white (or, in my case, brown) rabbit!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

an actor's life for me

as regular followers of this blog will know, i am avid play-goer and, last week, i got to visit a delightful little theatre in a barn behind the former home of dame ellen terry at smallhythe in kent.

sir john, sir larry, sir alec, sir ralph and lots of other sirs and dames have trod the boards here and i thought of their ghosts hovering nearby as i gave (with all due modesty) a particularly effective performance of  "once more on to the beach, dear friends..."

i also posed with dame ellen's bust (saucy!) and her blingiest frock in which brian seemed to be taking a disturbingly close interest...