Tuesday, May 17, 2011

mad man

the other day david was asked to perform magic at a birthday party as the mad hatter (yes, i know, no comment!) and i kindly offered to play the white rabbit, a suggestion that got unreasonably turned down on account of my not being white!

david did, however, try to get me to impersonate the dormouse, but whilst i didn't mind sitting in a tea-cup (on the basis that one should have a go at most things, however wacky), i absolutely drew the line at getting into the tea-pot...

Buttons & Mad Hatter David (1)

Sunday, May 08, 2011

the rabbit of oz

many readers of my blog have contacted me (or, should have done if they'd only thought about it) asking me to share some more of my snaps from my 2001 visit to australia.

so here, ten years on, are a few memories of my sydney scrapbook:

on duty on bondi...

Buttons at Bondi

and hiding from the vicious seagulls...


looking at the Bridge...

Buttons and Sydney Harbour Bridge

and the sydney operas house...

Buttons and SOH (1)
and here i am at the zoo.
how brave is this?

Where's that Rabbit?

actually, it's not brave at all – it's a sculpture!

playing 'where's wally' at the rocks puppet cottage...

Where's Buttons?

trapped in a really weird art installation thingy somewhere between bondi and bronte beaches...


and the view i woke up to each morning...

Sunset View