Monday, April 25, 2016

"let them eat cake"

i was reminded of the words of a famous regal figure when hippoylta and i settled down last week to tackle a piece of royal cake as a tribute to queen liz the second's 90th birthday...

we both thought that it might be worth writing to her mage and suggesting that – since lions and unicorns are bit olde worlde for the 21st century – she might like to consider having a rabbit and a hippo for her heraldic shield bearers.

just a thought...

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

medallion rabbit

i had no idea that my fame in europe had spread as far as spain, but, apparently, it has!

some friends of a friend of brian's – leo leon, osi canguro and coli koala, who live with sacra cantero mancebo – invited me to become a member of their exclusive order known as 'fraternitas cuniculorum'!!

it turns out i get a special certificate and a gold medal embossed with a rabbit motif! while brian was busy with his nose stuck in watership down, i borrowed his ipad and skyped the guys so they could tell me all about it.

my spanish was a bit rusty so we used the universal 'fluffy' language, and although i quite often drifted into 'stuffy', i did manage one or two words in 'plush'.

anyway, here's the certificate...

in translation (i'm told) it say: "granted by the spanish delegation attending his merits as a member of the international community in the fluffy world."

Then, a couple of days ago, i received the medal...

i think i look pretty chic – just hope hippolyta will like the medallion bunny image.

The guys also sent a sensationally yummy bar of spanish chocolate with nuts that i'm trying to eat as much of as I can before brian and david get a taste for it...

now i've got to go and polish up my medal!

Saturday, April 09, 2016

who makes up this stuff?

brian is doing research for his 'watership down' project and has started reading this book that was apparently one of the sources used by the original author...

i have to say, as rabbit, i don't recognise anything in this book as being even remotely connected to my own experience of the world. I obviously missed out somewhere...

Thursday, April 07, 2016

look out!

ever had the feeling that you're being watched??