Wednesday, January 31, 2007

ring kings

some peopel think i'm just a world traveller, but i am also a worlds traveller, as can be seen from this picture of me doing a bit of sight-seeing in the middle-earth capital, minas tirith...

actually, what i just said was a big fat fib: this photo was taken in new zealand and i was on one of the sets for a little movie called the lord of the rings... but you knew that, didn't you?!

[Photographs: Brian Sibley]

Thursday, January 18, 2007


in paris, i went to an exhibition all about the cartoon character tin tin and there were so many question marks, exclamation marks and asterisks that, by the end, i began to feel as if i was living in a cartoon strip my self...

maybe i should get used to it, as no doubt when i am internationally (as opposed to nationally) famous i will be the subject of many graphic novels, movies, computer games and suchlike things...

[Photograph: David Weeks]

Saturday, January 13, 2007

oh, i do like to be beside the seaside

is he in india now, you ask... no, it's that much-loved watering hole that was once known as brighthelmstone or brighton.

whenever i get a bit bored with all my globe-trotting and even as sophisticated a traveller as me gets a bit jaded at time, i take a trip to brighton and enjoy the pavilion and the pier and the many other pleasures of that resort...

what an eye-full!

oo-la-la! here i am in gay paree, the city of lights, with mr eiffel's tower-thingy in the background just to prove i'm actually there!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

bunny in the bar

this is me celebrating the new year with a bellini in harry's bar, venice, and looking just a tad unsteady on the paws...