Wednesday, December 24, 2008

stocking filla

wishing everyone a very
hoppy -- sorry, happy --

photo © brian sibley

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

xmas fan mail

it's always lovely to get fan mail - especially at christmas time and today i got a very sweet message from hippolyta hippo who i got to know through sheila and roger with whom she lives...

hippolyta wrote (i copied and pasted which is why there are big letters as well as small)...

Hi Buttons,

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from your No.1 Fan!

I thought you would like to see me getting ready to drink your health in Grappa:

Lucky you, having a holiday in Venice.

It's going to be Really Boring here. She is finishing an essay on the main factors in the development of the Anglo-Catholic revival in the 19th Century (whatever that means) and He always has his nose in a book, when he's not sneaking into the kitchen for another mince pie.

Have a good one & don't forget the Hippolyta motto:





i wonder if there could be some future in this relationship -- beyond the usual friendship existing between rabbits and hippos, I mean...?

Saturday, December 20, 2008


in case you wondered that's buttons --- in italian!

so, why am i writing in italian, you ask?

well, i'll come to that, but, first, i have to say that i never thought i'd get to blog again! brian has been so busy (he says) that he's monopolised the computer and I've not been able to get even near the keyboard...

anyway, right now, he's in the kitchen making himself a lemsip - like all humans he gets those strange sneezy-coughy-runny-nose cold things - so i'm grabbing the chance to send a quick missive just to tell you that in three days we'll be in venice which will be fun because i get to be photographed in neat places like here...

and here...

as you can tell the photos were taken in the days before gill kindly knitted me my nice red scarf which i will obviously taking with me.

just wondering whether, this year, i'll need a bunny-sized pair of wellies, too...

you can see more of my venice-ventures here.

photos © brian sibley & david weeks