Thursday, March 29, 2007

patients are a virtue

hospitals are really weird places full of not altogether agreeable smells and far too much noise in the night...

of course, i had to go along just to keep an eye on him but i'm glad to be home again.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

winter warmer

i'm fed up with all this cold! i wouldn't mind so much if it snowed and was done with it - then i could go out and build a snow-rabbit or something, but all we get is a flurry of flakes and then a load of drizzle! it's rubbish, frankly, so i thought i'd post a couple more photos from my visit to greece last year.

this is the erectheum on the acropolis in athens and the bit with the stone women is called the porch of maidens. good job they're made of stone, if you ask me, otherwise holding up all that stuff with their heads would be pretty painful!

and this is me sitting on an obelisk-type thingy - unfortunately it's lost its head, but still has its thingy --- or nearly all of it!!

[Photos: David Weeks]

Friday, March 16, 2007

bunny ha ha

here's my mate bodge and me doing our bit for red nose day - or, in my case, red ears day...

and here's what I call a jolly good joke...
buttons went into a general store in the countryside: "do you have any carrots?" 
he asked and the man behind the counter said: "no, sorry, we don't have any."

so buttons went away, but the next morning he came back and once again asked: "do you have any carrots?" and, again, the shopkeeper told him: "no, sorry, we don't have any." 

buttons kept doing this for a whole week and eventually the shopkeeper began to get really fed up with having a rabbit coming in every morning and asking for carrots, so he said to buttons: "now look here, we don't sell any carrots here and if you ask for carrots just one more time, I'm going to nail you to the wall by your ears!"

buttons stood still for a while and then went away. 

the next morning buttons came into the shop again, and this time he asked: "do you have any nails?" 

the man behind the counter was a bit confused by this, but replied: "no, I just run out of nails, sorry little fella." 

"well then," said buttons with a laugh, "do you have any carrots?"

[Photo: David Weeks]

Thursday, March 08, 2007

big ben small bunny

having watched 'peter pan' the other day, i popped down to big ben (where the charaters stopped off in the film) to see if any fairies happened to come by with the necessary pixiedust to make me fly...

i saw brian but he didn't have any pixiedust...

Sunday, March 04, 2007

the bunny who wouldn't grow up

i spent an amusing couple of days tagging along with brian while he was helping launch the new dvd release of walt disney's 'peter pan', which was based on the play by j m barrie and which, as you probably know, is all about about pirates and pixies and other fantastical stuff...

we were in a big house in london which was got up to look as if it was the home of the darling family in the story with lots of pictures and knick-knacks everywhere...

i hung around for quite a while hoping i might get a few hints on how to fly but basically ended-up spending a lot of time listening to brian showing off how much he knew about the play and the film and anything else he could think of! pretty boring, really, and i envied the journalists who - unlike me - only had to listen to him for about ten minutes at a time!

luckily i did get to meet two of my very favourite people: the gorgeous kathryn beaumont who was the original voice of wendy in the movie...

...and her adorable fun-to-be-with hubby, allan levine...

i also had a bizarre encounter with captain hook who said he was going to make me walk the plank - of course i played along with his fantasy just to humour him though i was sorely tempted to point out that the 'plank' in question was only painted on a bit of scenery... anyway he eventually decided to pardon me and offered me the job of bosun which, naturally, i politely declined.

rather regrettably, brian engaged in a bit of embarrassing tomfoolery with the captain and his side-kick, mr smee, and (not for the first time in my life) i was forced to pretend that he wasn't with me...