Wednesday, March 18, 2009

expressing myself

it's been ages since i blogged and i might not have got round to it this time but sheila sent me this cartoon by giles from the daily express on 24 july 1969 and asked if that was me on the right paw side of the picture?

me? 1969? just how old do you think i am, sheila?

in point of fact, it was my great-grandfather who used to moonlight as an artist's model.


Anonymous said...

Sorry if I've offended you, young Buttons. Now I see it's obvious it wasn't you - your great-grandfather seems to have his ribbon on back-to-front and I should have known your sartorial senses wouldn't let you do that.

Brian Sibley said...

buttons says...

i wasn't really offended, sheila; in fact, i was flattered you noticed the family resemblance. and, yes, great-granddad always wore his tie back-to-front: silly old bunny!

by the way, the reason his ears stood up more than mine was because he insisted on using far too much harespray!

SharonM said...

You mean it wasn't because he was extra keen to listen in to what people were rabbiting on about?